The Move To Become More Social

Model railroading by its very nature is a social activity. Who among us does not love to talk about the latest and greatest in new products? To show of our pride and joy? Or to just talk about model railroading in general? We all do, and that is part of what makes the hobby so great. Whatever your interest, there will be others with the same interest who want to talk about it.

Pacific Western Rail Systems was founded by this very social interaction. A group of modelers getting together to discuss the hobby they love and the things they would like to see. There goals were for more protypically accurate Canadian railroad models and a better, hassle free buying experience. They put their money where their mouth was and seeded Pacific Western Rail Systems. Today, we are still modeler owned and our stock holders can be proud of what they started.

And while we have come a long way towards reaching our goals with our commitment to customer service, value and selection, we are not satisfied. We continually work to improve on what we do, as shown with our recent update to our PORTERS Account System. We have many more improvements in the works and you are going to see some big changes over the next few months.

As model railroading is such a social activity, we wanted to bring that into our relationship with our customers more. Our media page has played this role to an extent for a long time with stories here and there and items of interest not directly related to products. We have decided to have a separate blog to differentiate these from product and business news, and to be able to do more items of interest and other updates without them getting lost in the other announcements.

But that is only the start, we are also getting into the other popular areas of social media where we might connect with existing or new customers. These include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Twitter will allow us to send out short messages about new products, sales and even special Twitter only promotions. Facebook is a place for you to interact with us and share your thoughts in a friendly environment. And YouTube is a place where we will be starting by listing videos we like, but eventually adding our own original content featuring new and upcoming products, as well as other useful model railroading related topics.

We know that many of you may not be fully aware of these services, or may not use some or all of them. We will give you more information on each of them and let you decide on what you want to use or not use. They are just another way for us to maintain our relationship with our customers and help us connect with you in whatever way you wish.

As with everything else we do here at Pacific Western Rail Systems, it is all focused on “Your Trains On Your Schedule”. As always, we thank you for your continued support of Pacific Western Rail Systems.

PWRS Porter

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